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Lennie Cahill Shoots Through (2003)

  Directed by: Paul Oliver
Written by: Paul Oliver
Starring: Tony Barry, Chris Haywood, Freya Stafford, Steven Vidler, Garry Waddell
Links: Lennie Cahill Shoots Through on the IMDb
Genre: Short
Awards: AFI Awards: Best Short Fiction Film 2004 (winner)

This movie gets: 7.00 (1 rating) Ranking: not yet ranked (awaiting 2 ratings)

"Apparently, it's pronounced 'Cale'" - a review by pearly

Lennie Cahill Shoots Through is a cops and robbers film with a bit of a difference: the cops and robbers in this particular case are old cronies that have seen many years, and are about to retire. Of course, there's also a couple of young uns, who are either for or against the mouldy oldies, but for the main part, the story focuses around the wrinkly set.

The lead cop is a guy named Twink (Chris Haywood), a wise old guy who's set in his ways, but seems to know what he's doing. He goes up against the new breed in Dwyer (Steven Vidler), but has an ally in the younger female cop (Freya Stafford).

And then there are the crooks. Lennie Cahill (Tony Barry) is on the verge of death from a terminal illness, and together with his old mate Terry (Garry Waddell), he hatches a plan to confess to his biggest crime from some years ago, an unsolved mystery that didn't go quite to plan and led to the death of a young woman. But of course, nothing is quite what it seems.

Lennie Cahill Shoots Through is a long short film, being 52 minutes, but it is well timed, and probably benefits for being a short film, as the story could not have really sustained a feature length timing. The experienced actors in the lead roles play their parts with relaxed ease, and all are impressive, but particularly Haywood, who plays the lead cop.

The film is typically Australian, but doesn't try too hard for laughs like many Aussie films do. It's a solid little piece, a good bit of fun.

pearly gives this movie 7 out of 10.
Review created on Fri 27 Aug 2004

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