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Voices Unheard (2004)

  Directed by: Joel Trethowan
Written by: Joel Trethowan
Links: Official site, Oberon High School
Genre: Short

This movie gets: 2.00 (1 rating) Ranking: not yet ranked (awaiting 2 ratings)

"I'm really starting to get sick of this" - a review by em_fiction

(see Nerd Boy (2004) for Top screen introduction)

Voices unheard - Joel Trethowan
7 minutes 15 seconds
Oberon High School, Belmont

"A young woman struggles with reality in a work that spans several genres taking the audience on a journey to a place no one wants go."

By this point in time, sitting in the ACMI cinema, I began to get absolutely sick of this pretentious fecal excrement.

What do I remember of this one? Well, a (relatively hot) girl sits in the corner of a room and writes in her diary. Then strange noises start to sound. Then silverchair's Ana's Song starts to play, then stops at no particular point for no particular reason (come to think of it, I don't think it actually started for any particular reason either). Then some guy shows up at her door, wearing a jacket that I happen to own. Then he crams her into his car, kidnapping her (or it might've been a joyride; I couldn't really tell the emotions apart from the standard of the acting). Then blah blah blah, something about schizophrenia.

This film addressed schizophrenia in the exact same way as Pavor Nocturnus (2004) addressed suicide (uh... I never mentioned that in the review did I? Ah well), and that way was badly. Please note: I didn't figure out these profound messages from the actual films; it was all in text at the end, because of course these young Steven Spielbergs doubted that the audience would be able to understand whatever the fuck their films were on about. A real stinker.

em_fiction gives this movie 2 out of 10.
Review created on Sun 27 Jun 2004

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  1. We would like to disagree with the bitch that commented above. GET OVER YOURSELF. You obviously have no taste and no life, if you sit and review movies all the time. We could review your life and you would not even get a one. Sexhaustion thinks you stink. You dirty crack whore.
    Love and best wishes

    Rating given: 10

    A comment from sexhaustion on Thu 12 May 2005 14:33 #

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