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Vacuuming Completely Nude in Paradise (2001)

  Directed by: Danny Boyle
Written by: Jim Cartwright
Starring: Michael Begley, Timothy Spall
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Genre: Comedy

This movie gets: 6.00 (1 rating) Ranking: not yet ranked (awaiting 2 ratings)

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"Packs a lot into its small frame" - a review by pearly

Vacuuming Completely Nude in Paradise. What a title. That's the kind of title that Godspeed! You Black Emperor would come up with if they were coming up with a title for a film. Well, maybe not quite. It's still a couple of words short. But it's getting there.

In actuality though, Vacuuming Completely Nude in Paradise is a low-budget UK film by director Danny Boyle, starring the amazingly hyperactive Timothy Spall as Tommy Rag, the old and ever so slightly cynical star of the company, in competition to win the "Golden Hoover" for being the number one salesman for the period. Rag takes on, much to his disgust, Pete (Michael Begley), an apprentice salesman, if you like, whose style is a lot different to Rag's, but who is forced to endure Rag's manic and somewhat insane schedule.

And therein lies the comedy. Rag and Pete are played off one another, in terms of both sympathy from the viewer, and comedic value. It doesn't come off as you would expect from a Hollywood blockbuster, and this is a good thing. For the first half of this relatively short film, especially once Rag has entered the picture, you can do little else but sit mouth agape, as it all explodes in front of your eyes. It is only in the second half of the film where you can begin to relax and compute everything that has already happened, and this is where you get the pay-off.

Vacuuming Completely Nude in Paradise is a fairly unique little thing, but it still managed to remind me of many other things. For example, some of the visuals remind me of a less perfectionist version of a Terry Gilliam set; only slightly, but a reminder nonetheless. I don't think it would go down as a favourite-of-all-time for many people, but it's certainly able to provide a bit of entertainment for its length: it's better than any of the other crap I could have been watching whilst matching socks, anyway.

pearly gives this movie 6 out of 10.
Review created on Mon 23 Aug 2004

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