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The Brady Bunch in the White House (2002)

  Written by: Lloyd J. Schwartz
Starring: Gary Cole, Shelley Long
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Genre: Comedy

This movie gets: 2.00 (1 rating) Ranking: not yet ranked (awaiting 2 ratings)

"WHY???" - a review by andy-j

I thought the first two Brady Bunch movies were really clever. They were one of the few "remake" movies that have been doing the rounds in Hollywood the last few years that were actually really effective. Instead of trying to 90's-up the Bradys, the creators chose to modernise everything BUT the Bradys, making them the fish-out-of-water and light-heartedly mocking just how out-of-date the Brady Bunch seems. An original concept that worked very well, appealing to fans of the series and new audiences at the same time.

So the Bradys are back for more in the third movie installment. Once again, Gary Cole and Shelley Long take on the roles of Mike and Carol Brady, but besides that, it's all change. Yep, all 6 of the kids are played by different actors and there's a new Alice. And that's where the first of many problems occurs - the new casting is absolutely terrible. Suddenly Peter looks like a 12 year old, Bobby looks about 7 but Cindy looks to be aged about 5 years old. She is significantly shorter than Bobby and there don't seem to be any efforts to even hide this! Meanwhile, Greg looks to be in his mid-to-late 20's (a pain I know only too well) and Alice looks 20 years younger than before!

Ok, some fairly stupid casting decisions have been made. But are the new actors any good? Umm... maybe? We're not really able to tell because the script is so freaking TERRIBLE that the characters never do anything except repeat the stuff that they did in the first two movies. This is where the real problem lies with this film. The SCRIPT is just SHOCKING! The characters are given nothing new to do at all - Cindy does nothing but lisp her lines, Jan does nothing but have voices going through her head. Haven't we already seen this? Mike does nothing but give confusing (and far less funny) speeches to his kids about values, Marcia does nothing but talk about how pretty she is, and Peter? Peter does nothing! Lloyd J. Schwartz, son of Brady Bunch-creator Sherwood Schwartz, wrote this, and it appears he completely missed the point. He has absolutely no idea what made the Brady Bunch series so popular in its hey-day, nor what made the first two movies so funny. He just rides off the jokes in the first two movies and hopes that no-one will notice. The characters are just one-dimensional wastes of screen space that exist only to deliver "jokes" we've already heard.

Even worse though, is the sheer stupidity of the plot. Bobby wins the lottery, Mike becomes the President of the USA and Carol becomes the Vice President. Then all this other over-the-top and mind-numbingly predictable nonsense occurs when the family move into the WhiteHouse, but I won't go into it for fear of this review becoming as boring as the movie. Ridiculous! So we have bad casting, stupid characters, zero originality, no humour and a DUMB plot. WHY WAS THIS THING MADE? I felt absolutely insulted sitting through this nonsense. They've taken a silly but funny franchise and completely destroyed it by failing to understand it. Lloyd Schwartz, go to your room and don't EVER come out.

andy-j gives this movie 2 out of 10.
Review created on Wed 13 Aug 2003

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  1. I luv theBradys and i was wondering if it is out on vhs or dvd or at a video rental shop I ve seen The 2 other Brady remake movies and I d like to see this one!

    A comment from carley roolienties on Mon 23 Feb 2004 06:16 #

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