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Meet Joe Black (1998)

  Starring: Claire Forlani, Anthony Hopkins, Brad Pitt
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Genre: Romance

This movie gets: 7.00 (1 rating) Ranking: not yet ranked (awaiting 2 ratings)

"Charming" - a review by andy-j

This film tells the story of the death of Bill Parrish (played by Anthony Hopkins), a very wealthy media tycoon. He is a loving father, a man with morals and principles, and he is about to celebrate his 65th birthday. Death arrives to take his life, but decides instead to inhabit a human body (Joe Black, played by Brad Pitt), and experience life as a mortal. Bill shares his life with Joe, who becomes intrigued with both human existence and Bill's daughter, Susan.

This movie has a good degree of charm, which is underscored by a brilliant performance from Anthony Hopkins and the innocence of the Joe Black character (Brad Pitt does a great job in this role). It has a lot to say on the subject of life and love, and it says these things through a unique and interesting storyline. These elements goes quite a way to make this movie watchable, but I found it overly-long and rather tedious in places. It's very clearly a romantic movie, and it focuses on that element, while asking us to accept some fairly hard-to-swallow settings/situations without any explanation or exploration. I found this made the movie a mildly frustrating to watch. I know it is just me - I want certain elements to be fleshed out, but that's not what this movie was about. The fact that there is a very overdone bad guy who is Out to Ruin Everything for Everyone doesn't really help. The Hollywood ending is somewhat predictable (though it does contain a couple of clever surprises) and it takes forever to arrive.

I found it relatively enjoyable to watch - moreso than most other romantic movies - with some memorable settings, scenes and performances.

andy-j gives this movie 7 out of 10.
Review created on Wed 3 Jul 2002

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  1. this is the worst movie i ever seen

    Rating given: 1

    A comment from kasdlkjf on Sun 18 Sep 2005 21:39 #

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