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Childstar (2004)

  Directed by: Don McKellar
Written by: Michael Goldbach, Don McKellar
Starring: Kristin Adams, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Don McKellar, Mark Rendall
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Genre: Comedy

This movie gets: 5.00 (1 rating) Ranking: not yet ranked (awaiting 2 ratings)

"Just so-so, I'm afraid" - a review by pearly

Childstar is a mediocre quirky comedy from director / writer / star Don McKellar. It's about a young kid named Taylor Brandon Burns (Mark Rendall) who has become a household name due to his role in a crappy television sitcom, in which his father is played by Alan Thicke. After scoring the lead role in an equally crappy movie, in which he is to play the President's son, Taylor heads off to Canada for shooting, bringing with him his long-suffering mother Suzanne (Jennifer Jason Leigh).

It is here that things start to go along a bit of a whackier path, as Suzanne wraps the inexperienced chauffeur (McKellar) around her little finger and uses him to help her get whatever she and Taylor want.

The direction that this film took was a little bit strange, and I must admit that I didn't really see the point of it all after a while. As a comedy, I found it only vaguely funny, and I barely laughed out loud. The cheesy sets and dialogue of the supposedly crappy films being made by this fairly crappy childstar only served to emphasise for me the fact that the actual movie being made was really not that great itself. Rather than distinguishing itself as high art compared to the droll stuff being churned out inside its fake world, it seemed too similar, and therefore, more mediocre.

I became so disinterested in this film partway through, that I devoted more time than I ought to figuring out whether I had seen Kristin Adams (who plays a girl upon which Taylor develops a dangerous crush) in anything before. I couldn't figure it out, but for the record, after having IMDbed her since, I don't believe I have.

I think that Childstar is trying to come off as unique and a bit left-of-the-middle, and funny to boot. Probably something like Napoleon Dynamite (2004), I guess, but not as overt. Unfortunately, it failed to capture this kind of interest in me, and whilst I wasn't scratching my eyeballs out with the discomfort of it all, it didn't thrill me either.

pearly gives this movie 5 out of 10.
Review created on Tue 9 Aug 2005

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