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Alter Egos (2004)

  Directed by: Laurence Green
Written by: Laurence Green
Starring: Chris Landreth, Ryan Larkin
Links: Alter Egos on the IMDb
Genre: Short

This movie gets: 5.00 (1 rating) Ranking: not yet ranked (awaiting 2 ratings)

"Unnecessary" - a review by pearly

Earlier this year, Chris Landreth's film Ryan (2004) won the Oscar for best animated short film. It is a documentary with a series of interviews concerning the life and work of Ryan Larkin, also an Oscar winner for some of his animated films. Taking this rather confused mess a step further, Alter Egos interviews Landreth and Larkin about Landreth's original interview with Larkin. It's a film about a film about a filmmaker.

Contained within Alter Egos is a long snippet of Landreth's original film (in actual fact, it may even have been the whole film). Having already seen the original film, this made me a bit fidgety - I felt that it was unnecessary, and in fact, it kinda spoke to the larger issue about this documentary: for the most part, if you have already seen Ryan, there is no real need to see this film, as it doesn't add all that much, aside from making things more clear, rather than the sort of abstract way in which things were portrayed in Landreth's film.

The most interesting part of this documentary was the portrayals of the real (i.e. non-interview, actual interactions) conversations between Landreth and Larkin. In particular, towards the end, we get to see Landreth showing his film to Larkin for the first time, and to hear both of their reactions afterward. Having not previously thought about how Ryan may have affected Ryan himself, this was fascinating. The 40 minutes leading up to it, however, were a fair bit less fascinating, and rather repetitive for those who have already seen Landreth's film (and probably of less interest to those who have not).

The only other thing I enjoyed about Alter Egos was that there was more comprehensive footage of Larkin's early work, which, while touched on in Ryan, was more prominent here, and it showed more of just the kind of genius that Larkin is or was.

pearly gives this movie 5 out of 10.
Review created on Mon 1 Aug 2005

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