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The Extra (2005)

  Directed by: Kevin Carlin
Written by: Kevin Carlin, Jimeoin, Tony McDonald, Dan Rosen
Starring: Jimeoin, Rhys Muldoon, Katherine Slattery
Links: The Extra on the IMDb
Genre: Comedy
Awards: AFI Awards: Best Film 2005 (nominee)

This movie gets: 2.00 (2 ratings) Ranking: Ranked 187th of 187 movies (2 ratings minimum; see full chart)

The Extra (2005) is also mentioned in andy-j's review of Back to School (1986).

"Worse than I imagined it could be" - a review by pearly

I was quite the fan of Jimeoin for a number of years. I even went along to be in the audience for a taping of his show many moons ago. I was a bigger fan of his sidekick Bob Franklin, because his accent is way cooler, but Jimeoin is pretty funny too. At least, he used to be. Unfortunately, Jimeoin has gotten lazy. His stand-up consists of the same eleven jokes that he used to tell ten years ago, and his latest film is also a stinker. A real stinker.

I don't think there's much to be laughing about in the Australian comedy scene, and Aussie comedies prove this point. Ned (2003) was horrible. I haven't seen You Can't Stop the Murders (2003), but I'm going to pre-judge it based on mino's review and say that it was also horrible. Some of the guys get it right some of the time, but it seems there is even a limit to this, and Jimeoin's well and truly crossed onto the wrong side of the street with this film.

The premise sounded like it could work well. Jimeoin plays the extra himself - an aspiring actor who is struggling to find a part which will not end up on the cutting room floor. He's surrounded by imbeciles who do not really help his career any, and then there's Claudia (Katherine Slattery), a woman he meets around the traps who turns into a love interest, amid many stupid "crabs" jokes, which are about the best example of why Australian comedy is not funny that I have seen in a while.

The comedy in this film did not appeal to me on any level. I'm not into puerile humour, but if you are, go ahead and enjoy this film just like I'm sure you did with Ned. This is only on a slightly higher level than that utter waste of space. That's the really terrible thing, though, because there are some comedians in this film (admittedly, most of them in smaller roles) that should have been able to lift it up a bit (Shaun Micallef, and to a lesser extent, Colin Lane, say) - but every single one of them fails, including Bob Franklin.

Yep, the only thing about The Extra that I appreciated was the fact that they actually got some bigger stars to be extras in the film, creating a kind of backwards reality. Of course, the stars are only really stars in Australia (some of them not even that far-reaching), but having people like Livinia Nixon and Abe Forsythe in there, some in blink-and-you'll-miss-them parts, was actually a clever idea. That is, until Russell Gilbert showed up in the role of Crosseyed Cameraman, and absolutely ruined any semblance of credibility that this film ever had. There's a reason he's not on television anymore, people!

pearly gives this movie 2 out of 10.
Review created on Wed 8 Jun 2005

"Strike two" - a review by andy-j

After the disappointment of The Craic (1999), Irish comedian Jimeoin returns to the big screen with his second feature film The Extra. As its name suggest, the film centres around an unsuccessful actor trying to hit the big time, but with limited success. He only manages to get crappy parts as extras on (crappy) films, finds his parts are then cut, screws up auditions, has a manager who thinks he is talentless, and has to take horrible side-jobs to make enough money to scrape by.

Unfortunately, The Extra absolutely fails as a comedy. The plot is boring and slow and just phaffs around, and there is very little to laugh at. The characters are stereotyped, dull and not at all funny. There is a romantic sub-plot in there which just doesn't know what to do with itself. The whole thing is full of ridiculous plot holes that could be forgiven if they made the movie funny, but they don't. They just make a bad thing worse.

Jimeoin just can't pull it off. His stand-up comedy routine is consistently hilarious, because it consists of a whole heap of disjointed little everyday observations that we are all familiar with. A good deal of his charm is the fact that his material is so disjointed, so instantly recognisable by people - something that just doesn't carry across to film. You see there are attempts at it in the film. Onstage, Jimeoin could launch into a routine about banging your finger with a hammer, and he could have the audience in stitches. In the film, it's just blah. You can't get the same amount of miniscule detail in there - the silly impersonations, or the same third-person retelling perspective thingy that he brings to his stand-up act. It just doesn't work at all.

I'm sorry to say that this film wasn't even slightly entertaining. Even the brilliant Bob Franklin, who, in my opinion, was the only good thing about Bad Eggs (2003), is totally wasted.

There are two further things that are really annoying about The Extra:

  • The amount of advertising that appears throughout the film for a certain Australian job search website. It sucks that in order to have the film made, this sort of stuff has to happen.
  • Whose idea was it to cast bloody Russell Gilbert? He is a train-wreck of a shambles of a dickhead of an entertainer.
andy-j gives this movie 2 out of 10.
Review created on Tue 26 Apr 2005

Movie review statistics

Number of reviews: 2
Average rating: 2.00
Lowest rating: 2 (by pearly, andy-j)
Highest rating: 2 (by pearly, andy-j)
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  1. Dear Nicole/Paul

    Please use this as the image for the film:

    It would be the funniest thing about the movie by far.

    A comment from nofreelist's own andy-j on Tue 26 Apr 2005 20:56 #

  2. Oh COME ON!!!!

    A comment from nofreelist's own andy-j on Thu 12 May 2005 19:11 #

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