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Cosmos: War of the Planets (Battaglie negli spazi stellari) (1977)

  Directed by: Alfonso Brescia
Written by: Massimo Lo Jacono, Giacomo Mazzocchi
Starring: John Richardson
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Genre: Sci-Fi

This movie gets: 1.00 (1 rating) Ranking: not yet ranked (awaiting 2 ratings)

"A step down the path towards alcoholism..." - a review by timchuma

Having recently gotten my hands on a 50 sci-fi movie "classics" box set I have seen some really bad movies recently. Before that, I had been looking for old ex-rental tapes of sufficiently poor quality. This is the first time I have actually had to drink to even make it through a movie.

I will spare you the pain of describing the plot of this movie. Suffice to say it is an Italian attempt at Star Wars (1977), plus an extraordinarily badly done 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) also. The music is mind-numbingly poor and I remember seeing better special effects in Buck Rogers (1977) (the condensed serial); at least they were trying in that movie.

Nothing in this movie make sense and things seem to happen out of order. None of the human characters in it are worth caring about.

The best line from the entire movie (spoken by a computer!): "The enemy is a computer. The images you see are materialisations of its energy. To destroy it press button for its elimination, probable colour - red"

If you see this movie in the bargain bin, leave it there. If you get this movie as part of the "50 sci-fi movie classics" box set, I suggest you deliberately scratch side B of disk 12 so you will not be tempted to watch it - get Destroy All Planets (1968) from another source.

timchuma gives this movie 1 out of 10.
Review created on Mon 21 Mar 2005

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  1. yet again, a crappy piece of shit from tim. Your've met your standards completely

    A comment from yet again on Mon 21 Mar 2005 21:28 #

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