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Theft Under the Sun (Hao qing gai tian) (1999)

  Directed by: Chuen-Yee Cha
Starring: Julian Cheung, Gigi Lai, Michael Wong
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Genre: Action

This movie gets: 7.00 (1 rating) Ranking: not yet ranked (awaiting 2 ratings)

Theft Under the Sun (Hao qing gai tian) (1999) is also mentioned in timchuma's review of The First Option (1996).

"A crime story road movie" - a review by timchuma

Ka-Ho is an undercover cop who has been with the same gang for years, and he is at the verge of making a discovery about its leader (Dan) when his boss tells him that the gang will be raided by the police.

The raid turns out to be a disaster however, as his boss tells the police 'our man is in red' and in the meantime, everyone in the gang puts on a red shirt. Much gunplay and explosions ensue, Dan escapes, the other gang members are shot or arrested and Ka-Ho is suspected of helping Dan get away by throwing a grenade at them.

As his undercover operation was blown, Ka-Ho decides to try and re-join the regular police force, but he is refused on the grounds that he has failed his integrity check (for letting Dan escape). He then finds out that he is under investigation by the police and is being monitored.

He soon decides that the only way he will clear his name is to catch Dan himself, so he tracks him down and the two end up leaving Hong Kong and going to Mongolia. This alarms the police who put Ka-Ho on the wanted list along with Dan, despite the insistence of a police psychologist that he is still on their side.

Meanwhile, Ka-Ho is trekking all over the countryside with Dan, all the time saying 'are we there yet?' (or something similar), but Dan won't tell him until they get there. When they finally get to their destination they find an army truck (which has to have the biggest fuel tank in the history of the world, as they never stop for petrol when they are driving it), but Ka-Ho is unsure of its cargo. He only finds out what they are carrying when one of the missiles crashes through the cabin when they go down a steep hill and one of them falls down a cliff.

While they are heading towards Hong Kong with their cargo, the police are trying to track them down and Ka-Ho's girlfriend has contacted them with information regarding his whereabouts. Ka-Ho and Dan also have to deal with bandits and the Mainland police who are after them for running over the bandits. I'll leave you to see the rest.

Probably the best parts of this movie are the very start and the finale; the middle seems to be a bit flat as nothing much is happening (Ka-Ho and Dan are driving the truck most of the time). The scenes back at Police HQ are also confusing and do not really add much to the story. Despite this, I think it is a fairly good HK Action film and it makes a good change from all the triad films that have been on recently.

timchuma gives this movie 7 out of 10.
Review created on Tue 15 Feb 2005

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