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Monday (2000)

  Directed by: Hiroyuki Tanaka
Written by: Hiroyuki Tanaka
Starring: Shinichi Tsutsumi
Links: Monday on the IMDb
Genre: Drama

This movie gets: 5.00 (1 rating) Ranking: not yet ranked (awaiting 2 ratings)

"Not particularly remarkable" - a review by pearly

Monday is a strange blend of humour, suspense, and drama based around the out-of-the-ordinary day of a salaryman (Shinichi Tsutsumi). The man wakes in a hotel room with no memory of the last few days, in scenes which reminded me of Oldboy (2003), but more normal, I guess. As the man wakes and gets his bearings, he begins to remember more and more of what has happened to him recently.

He remembers going to a funeral, which ended unusually, and of dining with his girlfriend, which ended badly. He then remembers starting to get drunk at a bar, and meeting up with some yakuza...

Monday contains many Japanese concepts, including some fantastical bits with Japanese spirits, but also the more everyday, like the salaryman and the yakuza boss. None of this really posed any issue in understanding exactly what was going on in the film, though I can see why this doesn't seem to have received a large release in any English speaking countries.

The film is, however, not the most wonderful that I have seen. It is not particularly remarkable in any way, yet it's entertaining enough. It aims at the type of suspense of films like Oldboy, yet it doesn't manage to pull it off as well. The situation itself is fairly unbelievable, and not much is done to try and convince the viewer of its authenticity. Tsutsumi, as the salaryman, and the actor who holds the vast majority of the screen time, is not painful to watch, but he is not brilliant either.

As a whole, this film is at best average, and not really worth considering over some of the very wonderful films coming out of this region of late.

pearly gives this movie 5 out of 10.
Review created on Mon 14 Feb 2005

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