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Bichunmoo (2000)

  Directed by: Young-jun Kim
Written by: Young-jun Kim
Starring: Jin-yeong Jeong, Hee-seon Kim, Hyeon-jun Shin
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Genre: Action

This movie gets: 7.00 (1 rating) Ranking: not yet ranked (awaiting 2 ratings)

Bichunmoo (2000) is also mentioned in timchuma's review of House of Flying Daggers (2004).

"Martial arts Romeo & Juliet" - a review by timchuma

Set in the time when the Mongols ruled China, this movie follows the many adventures of a swordsman with a powerful martial arts secret, and the woman he grew up with. The problem with being the sole person in charge of such a secret is that everyone is always trying to get it for themselves. You can't even go down to the milk bar to get some smokes without someone busting moves on you. It would really piss you off after a while.

Although the action sequences are given the most importance, with impressive, but understated use of CGI, it is the plot of the two lovers which is most important to this movie. I won't give it away too much just to say that like all tragic love stories they are star-crossed.

Having seen quite a few fantasy and historical swordplay epics, this compares very favourably with them. Not really with Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000) (which is a different type of story). It has more in common with movies such as Musa (2001), The Bride with White Hair (1993), and The Blade (1995) (not the Wesley Snipes movie, although it is a bit similar to that too).

I lost track of some of the characters in the movie as there were so many of them (not all of them are really introduced). The roles are set up well, but I found it annoying that the main character spent most of his time walking around like a zombie, except when he was cutting people in half with the shockwave from his sword.

It was a bit of a stretch to see the main character supposedly killed so many times, by the end I was glad when he finally stayed dead. The strangest of these was when a woman who was in love with him offered to ‘pump the poison out’ of him by [insert funny sex metaphor here] (I couldn't even work out where she came from in the story)!

The villains in this movie where handled a bit differently than usual, with one of them making friends with the main protagonist before learning that he had to be killed. One of the things I liked about this movie was the way they handled the resolution of this relationship.

I would have liked to see more screen time for the mercenaries with the black wicker hats also. We only got to see them in action in the opening fight sequence and a few times towards the end of the film. No matter how many times you see it, the sight of someone being cut in half by the shockwave from the sword is amazing.

If you like fantasy swordplay movies and epic historical action movies then this movie comes highly recommended.

timchuma gives this movie 7 out of 10.
Review created on Thu 20 Jan 2005

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