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Monstrosity (The Atomic Brain) (1964)

  Directed by: Joseph V. Mascelli
Written by: Sue Bradford, Dean Dillman Jr., Jack Pollexfen, Vy Russell
Starring: Frank Fowler, Frank Gerstle, Erika Peters
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Genre: Suspense/Horror/Thriller

This movie gets: 2.00 (1 rating) Ranking: not yet ranked (awaiting 2 ratings)

"Extreme plastic surgery! The brain-lift!" - a review by timchuma

The story begins with the mad scientist Dr Frank breaking into a crypt to get a freshly-deposited body. While he is there they are disturbed by a nightwatchmen who is strangled by his assistant the WolfMan! — I mean, Hanz the Dogman (a product of a ‘brain-swapping experiment’).

Back in his laboratory we learn that he is working for a greedy old woman who wants a crack at eternal life by putting her brain into the body of a younger woman. Mrs March is the bitter old woman who is giving him the money to do the research. Her toy boy Victor is helping her, but he doesn't really agree with the methods involved.

To further her plans, Mrs March hires three domestic servants from overseas who Victor picks up at the bus station. Nina (they kept calling her nine-a) has her head on her shoulders and is looking forward to her new job. Bea is an English bombshell (her accent is a crime against humanity!) who wants to take on Hollywood. Anita is shy and timid and is glad to meet the other two.

When they arrive at Mrs March's mansion they are shocked to be told that they can't leave and that she has an unhealthy fascination with their bodies. The next morning Anita is missing and they go looking for her, only to find her bags left behind. They start to trust their employer less and work out a means for escape while Dr Frank has a success in his experiment, transferring a cat's brain into the live body of a woman…

Watching this movie was a bit of a trial to be honest. I know it has been the subject of a Mystery Science Theatre 3000 take off, but I had to view it without the aid of wisecracking robots. Probably the only thing that would redeem this movie would be if Chris Cunningham had watched it and got the inspiration for the music video for Square Pusher's Come On My Selector (with the little Japanese girl and her dog).

timchuma gives this movie 2 out of 10.
Review created on Tue 18 Jan 2005

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  1. i finally found a review of this film! thanku nofreelist. Pity there is no substance to the review. oh well. good job.

    A comment from R. Ng on Sat 05 Feb 2005 13:27 #

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