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Old Master Q 2001 (2001)

  Directed by: Herman Yau
Written by: Man Choi Lee, Roy Szeto, Hark Tsui, Herman Yau
Starring: Wai-Man Chan, Cecilia Cheung, Nicholas Tse
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Genre: Comedy

This movie gets: 8.00 (1 rating) Ranking: not yet ranked (awaiting 2 ratings)

"A live action cartoon" - a review by timchuma

Miss Cheung is adored by her male students who all have crushes on her. This causes a problem as they all mob her as she arrives at school and her desk is covered in love letters.

In another part of the school, Mr Nobody is working in a temporary job and tries to stop two gangs fighting. They are eventually stopped by a police officer named Fred who traps them between two soccer nets on his motorbike. This causes Don Kam to become annoyed (he was going to recruit the winner of the fight to his gang), and he issues a hit on Fred.

A bit later, Master Q tries to convince the Principal at Miss Cheung's school to give him a job (not very successfully though).

We meet 'Potato' in a park, who is being pecked by a bird and is trying to get something to eat (he isn't successful and a dog gets kicked).

Mr Nobody and Master Q meet up with him and they go back to the artist's house who draws them (they are all comic book characters by the way).

Their creator impresses in his sequence by showing his skill in drawing with both hands at once. He wants to go fishing at Wudan Mountain (even though Master Q and Potato tell him there are no fish there), so he takes Mr Nobody with him to carry his luggage and gives the other two a package, which is only to be opened when they are in great peril.

As soon as their master leaves, Master Q and Potato find a blank cheque, but they fight over it and end up with nothing.

Not long after, Don Kam arranges to have a hit man bump off Fred (the Police Officer we saw earlier). Just after he has sent the hit man out, he is told by his fortune teller that Fred will succeed him, so he rushes off to stop the hit.

His men reach the hit man, who is told off because he wasn't reachable by mobile, email or ICQ. The hit man doesn't want to stop the hit as his honour is at stake. While Don Kam is explaining the situation to him, he is hit on the head by a rock (Master Q and Potato are shooting sparrows with slingshots for their dinner).

This leads to a very funny sequence where Master Q and Potato try to get away from the gang, but they cause an accident that results in Miss Cheung and her boyfriend Fred (the police officer), getting hit by a truck.

Master Q and Potato accompany the two to hospital, where they get in the way of the doctors and find they have a gun in their bag instead of sparrows. Fred wakes up and is seen by Master Kam (who is looking for him), but he has lost his memory and Don Kam tricks him into thinking he is his godson.

Miss Cheung has also lost her memory, and her Mum (a Councillor), wants Master Q and Potato to give a speech at her rally. It does not turn out that well however, and they both end up rescuing Miss Cheung when she is mobbed by reporters.

Fred also starts to act strangely, by getting the other gang members to do training drills and carry handcuffs.

Master Q and Potato go back to Miss Cheung's school to get a job as a janitor, Miss Cheung also goes back to teach. At the end of the day, she finds one of her students is being harrassed and she ends up playing soccer against Fred and his gang (with the help of the other two of course).

After the game, Fred tries to follow Miss Cheung and they both end up in the Police Station where Fred used to work before he lost his memory...

Phew! This is an extrememly busy movie with lots of laughs and action sequences. The comic book characters are shown via CGI and blend in with the live actions very well.

I would recommend this movie to people who are into comic books, comedy films, CGI animation and those who want to see something a bit different. It also offered a taster for films such as Shrek (2001) and Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (2001) (in terms of the CGI characters), which were due later that year.

timchuma gives this movie 8 out of 10.
Review created on Tue 18 Jan 2005

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