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The Toughest Man In The World (1984)

  Directed by: Dick Lowry
Written by: Vincent Bono, Richard A. Guttman, Jimmy Sangster
Starring: Mr. T
Links: The Toughest Man In The World on the IMDb
Genre: Action

This movie gets: 6.00 (1 rating) Ranking: not yet ranked (awaiting 2 ratings)

""Get out of my centre! Get out of my apartment! Get out of my life!"" - a review by timchuma

The movie starts with the usual street scenes from 80's Chicago - breakdancing, crime and kids running off with a boom-box from a electronics store. This is accompanied by Mr. T rapping the title song!

Bruise Brubaker (T) interrupts the young punks with the line “When punks start hassling decent people I make it my business!” and confiscates the switchblade of ‘The Dude’, or as he later tells Bruise, Billy Green. Bruise promises to give the knife back to him if he comes by his youth centre the next day.

In his night job as a nightclub bouncer, Bruise keeps the peace. When the Toughest Man in the World, Tanker Weams, starts a fight, Bruise settles it down by getting him to do a favour for him.

The next day Bruise finds out from the bursar of the school that houses his centre that it will have to close as it has ran out of funds. In a great sequence even Mr T finds out he can't fight city hall, even if he breaks the door down to the Vice Mayor's office.

After getting bailed out of jail, the kids on the basketball team he coaches tell them they had to forfeit the final as they didn't have adult supervision. Billy Green drops in to rub it in and ends up helping with the accounts for the centre as he is the ‘numbers man’ for the mob.

Doing the accounts on the adding machine at the nightclub the mother of the owner remarks that Billy is really good at numbers and he will either be a great crook or an accountant prompting Mr T to command “He better be an accountant!”

After an idea from Billy they decide to hold a carnival, but he goes missing and Bruise has to look for him. When they are leaving the building they run into the mobsters Billy works for and Bruise roughs them up. Billy gets to move in with Bruise and we learn the origin of the distinctive hairstyle Bruise sports.

They decide to sell tickets for the carnival and offer a prizes for it with the usual montage of selling scenes. It all comes to naught when Billy scams people to get more tickets sold, prompting Bruise to send him away.

At a loss what to do next, Bruise decides to take up the suggestion that he enters the Toughest Man in the World Contest. With his boss sponsoring him, he goes into training and in one scene gets lessons in being tough from an old Jewish lady.

Seeing an opportunity to make money, the mob leader Billy works for decides to take bets on the contest. Naturally he wants to tip it in his favour and all sorts of shady things take place.

One of the highlights of the movie is the contest itself with all the trials of the harsh events. These include dodging bowling balls on strings and having live tennis balls fired at them while they crawl under wire.

You all know there is going to be a big punch up scene at the end. It delivers in spades with Bruise getting to trash the mobster's warehouse with the help of a school bus and the kids from the centre.

This movie was released at the height of Mr T's popularity with The A-Team, so it was really going to be a star vehicle for him. I really enjoyed the movie though as it has enough cheesy lines and punch ups with Mr T for you to have fun.

I do admit I was drinking when I watched this movie, but that shouldn't put you off seeing it if you want to see Mr T in something other than The A Team.

timchuma gives this movie 6 out of 10.
Review created on Mon 4 Oct 2004

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