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The Storm Riders (Feng yun xiong ba tian xia) (1998)

  Directed by: Wai Keung Lau
Written by: Ma Wing Shing
Starring: Ekin Cheng, Sonny Chiba, Aaron Kwok, Kristy Yang
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Genre: Action

This movie gets: 10.00 (1 rating) Ranking: not yet ranked (awaiting 2 ratings)

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""The monkey is innocent. Do not punish it!"" - a review by timchuma

Cast of characters:

  • Lord Conquer (Sonny Chiba) - Master of the dramatic scowl and evil laugh - HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ruthless leader of a clan determined to take over the martial arts world.
  • Jester - Lord Conquer's advisor. Has a powder white face and strange clothes.
  • Mud Buddha - Lord Conquer's fortune teller. Walks around with his eyes closed for some reason.
  • Whispering Prince - Wind's Dad. Challenges Lord Conquer to a duel with bamboo.
  • Striding Sky - Cloud's Dad. Makes 'Life's Best Sword'.
  • Whispering Wind - The first of the children Lord Conquer is told to take in. Leans 'Wind Kicks'.
  • Striding Cloud - Has cool blue tips and black hair. A moody loner. Skilled in 'Cloud Palms'.
  • Frost - Looks after Wind when he was first rescued by Lord Conquer. Is naive. Learns 'Frost Fists'.
  • Charity - Lord Conquer's daughter. Loves Wind & Cloud which causes trouble.
  • Hawk & Bat - Lord Conquer's servants and Cloud's companions on his first mission.
  • Son of 'Unchallenged City' Ruler - Looking for 'Fire Monkey'.
  • Fire Monkey - Belongs to the Shaolin temple. Is reputed to lead people to Mud Buddha.
  • Shaolin Monk - A cool monk who turns up at opportune moments in the action and says 'Buddha be praised'.
  • Pigtails - A young girl who is being looked after by Mud Buddha when Wind & Frost find him.
  • Sword Saint - Challenged by Lord Conquer to a duel. Must wait 10 years. Has a special sword.
  • Dr with Fire Dragon arm - A herbalist who decides to help Cloud later on.
  • Muse - The gawky daughter of the herbalist. She is funny though and I liked her better than Charity for some reason.
  • Fire Beast - Lives in the Cirrus Cave and stirs 'When the river reaches the Buddha's knees'.

I've seen this movie quite a few times on video (I bought it), but it was good too see it on the big screen where the special effects really came into their own.

This is one film I would recommend to people who haven't seen many Hong Kong movies and want something that is accessible.

timchuma gives this movie 10 out of 10.
Review created on Fri 11 Feb 2005

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