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Reviewer Profile: francois

Real name: Cam Trollope

francois's Bio

Cinema and television are part of my daily routine, as much so as having a shower. Although some days you don't find the time to have a shower because the alarm clock was in 24 hour mode and you slept in. The same goes for movies, if you get my drift.

I was brought up around the idiot box. From the age of Se7en (1995), I knew how to record a television show on Channel Ten for an hour and then record SBS for a further two hours later on the same evening, all whilst Mum and Dad would watch regular television and remain unawares as to the AO-rated boob-fest I was recording. These tapes would later form the basis of my adult collection, but more on that later. As a result, I have watched far too much and now struggle to find anything at the video store that I haven't seen.

What you'll get from my reviews is honesty. I don't mind telling you I thought A Mighty Wind (2003) was a tired formula, nor will I be ashamed when I write about Freddie Prinze Jr. as being perfect in the part of the school jock. I will tell you when and why a film, or commercial for that matter, made me cry. I will tell you what films are great for a hangover, and which ones will ruin any date. I'll tell you why you should wait until the caterer appears in the credits before you can leave the cinema, and why a choc top needs to be entirely consumed before the opening credits.

Above all, I enjoy films for what they are and how they make you feel. So, as Peter North often says, “Let's get to it”.

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Thu 22 Jan 2004Lost in Translation (2003)9Happiness needs no translation
There are people who chase a particular feeling. For a high, you might call them a junkie, for a... (more)
9.00 (3 ratings)

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