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Tue 15 Nov 2005City of God (2002)8In the hand or in the foot?
City of God is a film that I was meant to see at least a year ago, but due to... (more)
8.00 (1 rating)
Sat 23 Jul 2005We Don't Live Here Anymore (2004)6Odd... everyone seemed to stay in their houses
We Don't Live Here Anymore is a film about relationships. Nothing else. How they work, how they don't. We meet... (more)
6.00 (1 rating)
Mon 27 Jun 2005Clara (2005)8Ambiguous
Clara is a beautiful but haunting stop-motion animated short by Van Sowerwine. It tells a troubling, slice-of-life kind of tale... (more)
8.00 (3 ratings)
Mon 13 Jun 200511:14 (2003)7Non-linear is becoming a little linear
11:14 is another non-linear film. It's basically an account of a car accident, retold from five different perspectives, with each... (more)
7.00 (1 rating)
Mon 13 Jun 2005Crash (2004)8Has Oscar written all over it...
The multiple storyline. It has been done to death. A whole heap of people weave in and out of each... (more)
7.50 (2 ratings)
Sat 26 Mar 2005The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004)8Hooray for Bill!
With Year Twelve keeping me as busy as a bee, I haven't been able to visit the beloved cinema since... (more)
7.50 (2 ratings)
Mon 27 Dec 2004Boundin' (2003)4Seriously, what was that?
I usually look forward to the Pixar shorts before the main feature, but this really left me begging for The... (more)
4.50 (2 ratings)
Sun 26 Dec 2004The Incredibles (2004)9I hereby refuse to pun the word ‘incredible’ for this heading
I've just come to realise that I haven't reviewed a single Pixar film (feature film, so Knick Knack (1989) doesn't... (more)
8.50 (4 ratings)
Thu 23 Dec 2004On the Waterfront (1954)9Gold in black-and-white
Call me an idiot, but when it comes to black-and-white films, I always find the need to have to qualify... (more)
9.00 (2 ratings)
Thu 23 Dec 2004Chinatown (1974)8Forget it, Marge, it's Chinatown!
Chinatown is a film-noir about a twisted case being unfolded by private detective Jake Gittes (a handsome Jack Nicholson). At... (more)
8.00 (1 rating)
Sun 7 Nov 2004Magnolia (1999)10Partly cloudy, 82% chance of rain
I hired this once a while ago during my "trying to be arty and pretentious but really should be watching... (more)
10.00 (2 ratings)
Sat 6 Nov 2004Coffee and Cigarettes (2003)6Out of caffeine jokes
Films based on conversation are a favourite of mine. Films like Clerks (1994), Tape (2001), Before Sunrise (1995) and its... (more)
6.00 (1 rating)
Wed 13 Oct 2004Somersault (2004)9Quite amazing
pearly was almost right with her prediction that this would be one of those films where she'd give 8 and... (more)
8.50 (2 ratings)
Sun 10 Oct 2004Lost and Delirious (2001)3Incredibly cheesy stuff
Alright, so your friends are talking about a film that was on SBS called Lost and Delirious with "that chick... (more)
3.00 (1 rating)
Wed 22 Sep 2004Love Tricycle (2003)8(Bike) chains of love
Alright, so the story basically goes like this: boy meets girl. Boy falls in love with girl. Boy saves girl's... (more)
8.00 (4 ratings)
Wed 1 Sep 2004The Killer (1989)10One that makes me proud to be Asian
John Woo has a very mixed filmography. Yun-Fat Chow also has quite a mixed filmography. But "mixed" isn't the same... (more)
10.00 (1 rating)
Wed 21 Jul 2004Grosse Pointe Blank (1997)7Not a miss
Martin Blank (John Cusack) is your average fellow. Well, apart from the fact that he makes a living out of... (more)
7.00 (1 rating)
Sat 17 Jul 2004Scary Movie 2 (2001)1No comment
I won't discuss the film. It was a shit film. Fuck it. Let's talk about something else. You know what... (more)
1.00 (1 rating)
Thu 8 Jul 2004Wonderland (2003)8Whoever called this 'Boogie Nights 2' is an idiot
The porn industry has become a popular subject among films. It's almost become its own genre, in the same respect... (more)
8.00 (2 ratings)
Mon 5 Jul 2004In America (2002)7Irish-ness
An Irish family immigrate to New York, America, in search of a renewed life after the tragic loss of one... (more)
7.00 (1 rating)
Wed 30 Jun 2004Say Anything (1989)9Cusack is the sparkly bit in this gem
Most people already know this, but you don't always have to be a fan of a particular genre in order... (more)
9.00 (1 rating)
Mon 28 Jun 2004To The Future... (2004)7To the end...
(see Nerd Boy (2004) for Top screen introduction) To the future... - Tim White 10 minutes Carey Baptist Grammar School, Kew "It is Peter's... (more)
7.00 (1 rating)
Sun 27 Jun 2004The Derelict Plain (2004)4Yes, very derelict (.....)
(see Nerd Boy (2004) for Top screen introduction) The Derelict Plain - Damien Csehi 10 minutes Mooroolbark Heights Secondary College, Mooroolbark "A beautifully constructed... (more)
4.00 (1 rating)
Sun 27 Jun 2004Voices Unheard (2004)2I'm really starting to get sick of this
(see Nerd Boy (2004) for Top screen introduction) Voices unheard - Joel Trethowan 7 minutes 15 seconds Oberon High School, Belmont "A young woman... (more)
2.00 (1 rating)
Sun 27 Jun 2004Tormenting Gloria Johnson (2004)5Tormenting? Maybe just the acting
(see Nerd Boy (2004) for Top screen introduction) Tormenting Gloria Johnson - Qiao Li 10 minutes Swinburne University of Technology, Prahran "Gloria has been... (more)
5.00 (1 rating)
Fri 25 Jun 2004Hard Ol' Knuckles Blue (2004)3Slightly too blue, not particularly great
(see Nerd Boy (2004) for Top screen introduction) Hard ol' knuckles blue - Emily Mendoza 5 minutes 25 seconds Star of the Sea... (more)
3.00 (1 rating)
Fri 25 Jun 2004Sunrise Sunset (2004)7Rises above the other crap
(see Nerd Boy (2004) for Top screen introduction) Sunrise sunset - Clare Brady 1 minute 10 seconds Padua College, Mornington "Multiple media techniques and... (more)
7.00 (1 rating)
Sun 20 Jun (2004)3Please note: not a real website.
(see Nerd Boy (2004) for Top screen introduction) - Natalie Grauer 5 minutes 30 seconds Wesley College, Prahran "Power and control are the... (more)
3.00 (1 rating)
Fri 18 Jun 2004Dawn of the Dead (2004)8Lots and lots and lots of zombies
What's the first thing that comes into your head when you hear the expression "modern-day horror"? "Awful"? "Terrible"? What about... (more)
9.00 (2 ratings)
Thu 17 Jun 2004Fight Club (1999)10I am Jack's second movie review
If you fed Robin Williams a good dose of ecstasy, set him on fire and threw him into a Björk... (more)
9.50 (2 ratings)
Sun 13 Jun 2004Pavor Nocturnus (2004)2Pretentious title says it all
(see Nerd Boy (2004) for Top screen introduction) Pavor nocturnus - Adrian Katz 8 minutes Wesley College, Prahran "What is real and what can... (more)
2.00 (1 rating)
Sun 13 Jun 2004The Doll House (2004)2What? Was it about a house?
(see Nerd Boy (2004) for Top screen introduction) The doll house - Daniel Bronsema 6 minutes 30 seconds Salesian College, Sunbury "Juxtaposition and montage... (more)
2.00 (1 rating)
Sun 13 Jun 2004Crazy Whist (2004)7Whist-ilicious documentary
(see Nerd Boy (2004) for Top screen introduction) Crazy whist - Corey O'Meara 10 minutes Upwey High School, Upwey "The story of extraordinary friendships... (more)
7.00 (1 rating)
Sat 12 Jun 2004The Evil Within (2004)3Frightening, and it has nothing to do with the evil
(see Nerd Boy (2004) for Top screen introduction) The evil within - Matthew Peters 10 minutes Salesian College, Chadstone "An innocent trip to the... (more)
3.00 (1 rating)
Sat 12 Jun 2004Nine Lives (2004)3One life too many
(see Nerd Boy (2004) for Top screen introduction) Nine lives - Jamie MacDowell 7 minutes 20 seconds Wesley College, Prahran "Artful images in motion.... (more)
3.00 (1 rating)
Sat 12 Jun 2004Couch Potato (2004)4A clay-zy effort
(see Nerd Boy (2004) for Top screen introduction) Couch Potato - Darcy Prendergast 1 minute 45 seconds Mowbray College, Melton "Life takes its toll... (more)
4.00 (1 rating)
Sat 12 Jun 2004Nerd Boy (2004)7One Flashy nerd
As part of my media coursework, I have to put together some sort of media production. If you've read my... (more)
7.00 (1 rating)
Sun 25 Apr 2004Kill Bill: Volume 2 (2004)10Two down, two more and then finally: Bill
It's been a while since my first review of Kill Bill: Volume 1 (2003). At last, we reach the conclusion... (more)
9.00 (2 ratings)
Sun 25 Apr 2004Lily and Jim (1997)9Ah, L'Amour (plus a brain, minus the gore)
What a great short to end my little journey through the Hertzfeldt universe. Lily and Jim is a 13 minute animation... (more)
9.00 (1 rating)
Sun 25 Apr 2004Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)6The curse of a very overrated pearl
There are some highly rated films that you don't like but can understand why they're so praised and highly regarded,... (more)
7.50 (4 ratings)
Sun 25 Apr 2004Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)9Eternal brilliance of the Kaufman mind
Today in Hollywood, one of the most invaluable items is a script by Charlie Kaufman. His scripts are just about... (more)
8.67 (3 ratings)
Fri 16 Apr 2004Anger Management (2003)5Not great, but you'll manage
I'm a fan of Adam Sandler. There's no shame in admitting it. His early crap like Happy Gilmore (1996), Billy... (more)
5.00 (1 rating)
Sun 28 Mar 2004Elephant (2003)9Manifestation of brilliant elusive filmmaking
For me, Gus Van Sant was a name that never used to stand out. Hell, I even used to confuse... (more)
7.33 (3 ratings)
Sat 27 Mar 2004Thirteen (2003)6Ordinary girl, not so ordinary friend
Evan Rachel Wood plays Tracy — an innocent, straight-A 13 year-old girl struggling to fit in at school. She lives... (more)
6.00 (1 rating)
Sat 6 Mar 2004The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003)8Dammit, why couldn't I have hated it?
At last, I did it. I finally did it. It only took me three whole months, but I did it.... (more)
8.83 (6 ratings)
Sun 29 Feb 2004Genre (1996)8Four down, one to go
Okay, I've reviewed three of Don Hertzfeldt's films, and he's made (correct me if I'm wrong) five in total, so... (more)
8.00 (1 rating)
Fri 27 Feb 2004Billy's Balloon (1998)6Leaves you more disturbed than amused
I've reviewed not just one but two Don Hertzfeldt shorts, and now it's time for the big third. Billy's Balloon... (more)
6.00 (1 rating)
Fri 27 Feb 2004Infernal Affairs (2002)8Affairs and such
There is a somewhat lack of Asian films on nofreelist, so I feel that it's my duty as an Asian... (more)
8.00 (1 rating)
Sat 14 Feb 2004Ah, L'Amour (1995)8Fine piece of art
Ah, L'Amour, a fiendishly enjoyable first-time animation short by Mr. Rejected, Don Hertzfeldt, is a deep, meaningful exploration of the... (more)
8.00 (2 ratings)
Wed 4 Feb 2004Rejected (2000)8Now I think my spoons are too small...
Very, very similar to David Lynch's Dumbland (available on his official site), Rejected is a series of short, absurd, crude,... (more)
7.67 (3 ratings)

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