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Mon 8 Aug 2005Election (2005)8The machinations of triad politics exposed
In his introduction to the screening of this movie at the 2005 Melbourne International Film Festival, Johnny To said that... (more)
8.00 (1 rating)
Mon 8 Aug 2005Goodbye Paradise (1983)8Australian beach noir
The screening of Goodbye Paradise at the 2005 Melbourne International Film Festival was introduced by the writers Bob Ellis and... (more)
8.00 (1 rating)
Sun 7 Aug 2005Dirt: A Season Inside the Devil's Bowl (2005)8Jesus may have built my car, but Satan is the one who drives it
In this documentary, we follow the lives of participants in the Saturday night racing at the Devil's Bowl for the... (more)
8.00 (1 rating)
Sun 7 Aug 2005Izo (2004)1This isn't even a movie!
Izo is a vengeful spirit of an executed samurai whose mission in life is to kill, which he does in... (more)
1.00 (1 rating)
Sat 6 Aug 2005Hank Williams: Honky Tonk Blues (2004)8"They came out of their chairs and threw their babies in the air!"
This documentary was made as part of the American Masters series for PBS in the US and follows the life... (more)
8.00 (1 rating)
Fri 5 Aug 2005Hunter Finkelstein7"Heroes seems so from afar, but if you meet them you'll think twice..."
In this short, Tim Rogers plays Hunter Finkelstein, the ghost-writer for Rabbi Fenkel whose sermons have been bringing big attendances... (more)
7.00 (1 rating)
Wed 3 Aug 2005Public Toilet (2002)7Whistle while you pee
In this very strange and endearing movie, we see everyday life through the experiences of people using public toilets in... (more)
7.00 (1 rating)
Wed 3 Aug 2005A Dirty Shame (2004)9Obscene, disgusting and vulgar - I love it!
Silvia (Tracey Ullman) and Vaughn (Chris Isaak) are a happily married couple living in the Hartford Road district of a... (more)
9.00 (2 ratings)
Mon 1 Aug 2005Godzilla: Final Wars (2004)8The Sydney Opera house blows up good!
Although regarded as stupid by most serious movie fans, I have always been a big fan of the Godzilla movies,... (more)
8.00 (1 rating)
Mon 1 Aug 2005Crying Fist (2005)8"Boxing aerobics, my ass."
Boxing stories have been a popular theme for movies since Men Boxing (1891) right through to the more recent Million... (more)
8.00 (1 rating)
Mon 1 Aug 2005Piccadilly (1929)8Love, trust, rivalry, betrayal and dancing
Set in the Piccadilly Club in London during the roaring twenties, this movie follows the story of club owner Valentine... (more)
8.00 (1 rating)
Thu 28 Jul 2005The Swenkas (2004)8"I am dangerous"
Set in Johannesburg, this feature-length documentary follows the lives of 'The Swenkas', a group of migrant workers living in the... (more)
8.00 (1 rating)
Thu 28 Jul 2005Eiffel Tower (2004)8Even in an alternate universe, things are really not that different...
This short begins with a man having a dream running around the streets of Paris, looking for the Eiffel Tower.... (more)
8.00 (1 rating)
Wed 27 Jul 2005McDull, Prince de la Bun (2004)8"Creative Pissing"
In this sequel to the delightful My Life as McDull (2001), we follow the story of McDull (Jan Lamb) at... (more)
8.00 (1 rating)
Wed 27 Jul 2005Seventeen (2003)6A melodramatic coming of age story
Set in a town somewhere in Eastern Europe during the Soviet era, this short follows the story of a young... (more)
6.00 (1 rating)
Mon 25 Jul 2005Casshern (2004)5Worse than the Matrix sequels!
Set in an indeterminate time in the future at the end of a 50 year war, this film follows the... (more)
5.00 (1 rating)
Sat 23 Jul 2005Arakimentari (2004)8Araki is my hero!
This documentary originally interested me as I have a strong interest in photography and remember looking through a copy of... (more)
8.00 (1 rating)
Fri 22 Jul 2005Night Watch (2004)8Fantasy science-fiction, Russian style
The Others are humans who live amongst us, but have special abilities that set them apart from everyone else. Of... (more)
7.50 (2 ratings)
Thu 31 Mar 2005House of Flying Daggers (2004)8Not the same as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon!
I have to admit that this movie is very hard to take in from just one viewing, but I will... (more)
8.00 (2 ratings)
Thu 31 Mar 2005Birthday Boy10The most famous Korean War story since M*A*S*H?
With the attention this movie has received after its 2005 Academy Award nomination, you probably don't need a recap of... (more)
9.00 (2 ratings)
Thu 31 Mar 2005Seven's Eleven (2004)9SMOOOOOTH!
Francis always seems to be getting into trouble at school. As well as being a charmer he is also a... (more)
9.00 (1 rating)
Wed 30 Mar 2005Blue Poles (2004)870's Australian road movie without muscle cars
It's the 1970s and a spirit of excitement is in the air. The Gough Whitlam government has just purchased the... (more)
8.00 (1 rating)
Wed 30 Mar 2005Atomic Spitballs (2005)8Classic 50's sci-fi parody
Set in 1950's small town America, this movie follows our hero as he tries to convince his friends about the... (more)
8.00 (1 rating)
Wed 30 Mar 2005Police Story 2 (1988)8Papa! Papa! *BANG*
I re-watched this movie recently in remastered form, so I thought I would go over some of things I liked... (more)
8.00 (1 rating)
Tue 29 Mar 2005Police Story (1985)10The original and still the best
As I've seen this movie at least half a dozen times on the big screen, TV, and DVD (I bought... (more)
10.00 (1 rating)
Thu 24 Mar 2005Lone Wolf and Cub: Sword of Vengeance (1972)10How many million times did Quentin Tarantino watch this?
Itto Ogami is the executioner for the Shogun, a position that gains him enemies when he does his duty and... (more)
10.00 (1 rating)
Thu 24 Mar 2005Flying Dagger (1993)8Ambush from ten billion sides!
Big and Little Flying Dagger are professional bounty hunters who are always being foiled by fellow hunters Lady Fung and... (more)
8.00 (1 rating)
Wed 23 Mar 2005The One Armed Boxer Vs. the Flying Guillotine (1975)8For a close shave, I don't recommend the flying guillotine!
The Master of the flying guillotine, Fung Sheng Wu Chi, is one bad looking dude. Even though he is old... (more)
8.00 (1 rating)
Wed 23 Mar 2005Chinese Boxer (1970)8Kung Fu vs. Karate fight!
When Judo arsehole, Dio-Erh, turns up at the local martial arts school and starts throwing people through walls, one of... (more)
8.00 (1 rating)
Tue 22 Mar 2005Crippled Avengers (1978)8Totally awesome super heroic delight
The cast of The Five Venoms (1978) reunites for this movie that I had been told was silly, but turned... (more)
8.00 (1 rating)
Tue 22 Mar 2005Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004)6Disappointing
I've been a fan of Michael Moore's work ever since watching his show The Awful Truth on SBS, and I... (more)
7.00 (2 ratings)
Tue 22 Mar 2005Kung Fu Hustle (2004)10Better than Shaolin Soccer
With Asian films becoming more popular, the term "better than Kill Bill: Volume 1 (2003)" or "Kill Bill Killer" is... (more)
10.00 (1 rating)
Tue 22 Mar 2005The Incredibles (2004)8Classic heroes and villains type adventure
With the popularity of movies based on comic books these days, it is refreshing to see one that not only... (more)
8.50 (4 ratings)
Mon 21 Mar 2005Bad Santa (2003)8"I'm an eating, drinking, shitting, fucking Santa Claus."
Some films come with a reputation so it is hard to take an objective stand on them. I had heard... (more)
8.33 (3 ratings)
Mon 21 Mar 2005Cosmos: War of the Planets (1977)1A step down the path towards alcoholism...
Having recently gotten my hands on a 50 sci-fi movie "classics" box set I have seen some really bad movies... (more)
1.00 (1 rating)
Fri 18 Mar 2005Hero (2002)8"You liked Rashômon." "That's not how I remember it!"
This movie tells the story of the first emperor of Qin and the assassins that went against him. What is... (more)
8.00 (2 ratings)
Fri 18 Mar 2005Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (1964)10"What is a Christmas?"
Hang up that mistletoe! Soon you'll hear HO! HO! HO! On Christmas Day You'll wake up and you'll say Hooray for Santy Claus! S-A-N-T-A C-L-A-U-S Hooray... (more)
10.00 (1 rating)
Thu 3 Mar 2005Yes, Madam (1985)8Polyester jumpsuit Kung Fu!
We meet Senior Inspector Ng (Michelle Yeoh) while she is taking part in a sting on a suspected flasher. She... (more)
8.00 (1 rating)
Thu 3 Mar 2005Wu Yen (2001)9A Chinese Pantomime Story
The story starts with a shadow puppet play showing the legend of a Fairy Enchantress who is imprisoned in a... (more)
9.00 (1 rating)
Thu 3 Mar 2005Wing Chun (1994)9Everybody Wing Chun tonight!
At the 'Beach Festival', Wing Chun (Michelle Yeoh) and her Aunty, Abacus Fong, are the centre of attention until bandits... (more)
9.00 (1 rating)
Wed 23 Feb 2005War of the Underworld (1996)7The poster is better than the movie!
Shun is an inept triad member who can't help getting into trouble with rival gangs, even going to the movies... (more)
7.00 (1 rating)
Wed 23 Feb 2005Tricky Brains (1991)7It's tricky to rock around, to rock around, it's tricky!
Joon Koo is the Tricky Master hired by people to fool others. He demonstrates his skills on one of his... (more)
7.00 (1 rating)
Wed 23 Feb 2005To Be No. 1 (1996)6An average triad movie
This movie starts with Fei Cheung and his buddies, who include Fat Lion and his girlfriend Apple, trashing a bar... (more)
6.00 (1 rating)
Tue 22 Feb 2005Time and Tide (2000)10Woman in labour + gun = bad idea!
Tyler is a barman who likes to hit on the women in the bar where he works. He sees an... (more)
10.00 (1 rating)
Tue 22 Feb 2005Those Were the Days (2000)7A coming of age and love story with a difference.
After trying to stop his girlfriend being a hostess at a nightclub where he is working, and being beaten for... (more)
7.00 (1 rating)
Mon 21 Feb 2005Sword Stained with Royal Blood (1993)7"Can I touch your bone?"
A classic fantasy movie which begins in an unconventional way (which I thought was a preview), with a big fight... (more)
7.00 (1 rating)
Fri 18 Feb 2005The Seventh Curse (1986)7"Bring me the blood of a black dog."
There's about a million reviews of this film floating around on the web so I'll just comment on what I... (more)
7.00 (1 rating)
Thu 17 Feb 2005There is a Secret in my Soup (2001)1CAT III SHOCKER!
There is a special rating for Hong Kong movies that is the equivalent of an R in Australia, it is... (more)
1.00 (1 rating)
Thu 17 Feb 2005The Most Wanted (1994)6Nah! I'm not getting sick of triad movies at all...
This film starts with a montage of scenes of newspapers and TV News footage of a major robbery in 1991... (more)
6.00 (1 rating)
Wed 16 Feb 2005The Master (1989)6Jet Li vs. Mullet Man!
First of all this is not the sort of movie I should even bother describing the plot for. Secondly I... (more)
6.00 (1 rating)

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