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Ways of seeing movies for cheaper (in Australia)

AFI Concession - $55 per year

  • concession price tickets to all major cinemas (about $2 off a single ticket, depending on the cinema)
  • invitations to preview screenings (about 12 per year - usually free, sometimes 2 for 1)
  • discount tickets to film festivals
  • judging in the AFI awards (see most of the Australian films nominated for free at member screenings)

AFL Membership - About $250 per year

  • $10.50 tickets to any Hoyts cinema (about $3.50 off)

Ambulance Membership - $45 per year

  • discount tickets to any Hoyts cinema

Anderson Saver Card - $19.50 per year

  • one free ticket and one free large popcorn when you join
  • $8.50 tickets to any Anderson cinema (about $5.50 off a single ticket)

Europa Society - $27.50 per year

  • two free tickets when you join
  • cheap tickets to any Village Europa cinema ($3.50 off two tickets)
  • invitations to preview screenings (about 3 per year - usually free)

Fly Buys - No yearly fee

  • $9 tickets to any Village, Greater Union or Birch Carroll & Coyle cinema from Monday to Friday (Friday before 5pm) (about $5 off a single ticket)

HBA Health Insurance - Varies

  • discount ticket packs to any Village cinema (about $4 off each ticket - in packs of 5, 10 or 20)

Palace Movie Club - $16.50 per year

  • $9.50 tickets to any Palace cinema (about $4.50 off two tickets)
  • birthday and Christmas surprises
  • invitations to preview screenings

RACV - Varies

  • $9.50 tickets to any Village cinema, only on Mondays (about $5.00 off a single ticket)

Know of any others? Let us know.

Useful online movie stuff

The Internet Movie Database - what was that movie where the guy drove the blue car? The IMDb knows...
yourMovies - the best way for Australians to find out what's showing at their local cinemas - buy all your DVDs, videos and movie soundtracks from amazon - what an awesome range